All You Wanted To Know About A Whiteboard

A whiteboard can also be referred to as a dry wipe board, a marker board along with a dry erase have grown in popularity over time and today it’s replaced the traditional chalkboards in schools, schools, offices and meeting rooms. In reality in the majority of the offices nowadays, the whiteboards have become a useful permanent fixture people cannot do without. Where did the travel of this permanent fixture in most of the offices and colleges start? Let us find out!

This ingenious product was devised by Martin Heit, a Korean War veteran and also a photographer and this idea was originally developed by Martin to help him take down notes while he was on the phone. The ancient whiteboards had a glassy finish on these that could be discovered on the film reverses. cheap nobo whiteboards prepared his prototype and sold his idea to Dry Mark who in turn started introducing the whiteboard into the educational sector.

Whiteboards became very popular all across in various sectors particularly the educational sector, in 1990s, that also when the likely health risks that chalk dust posed was a significant cause for concern. Once it had been introduced in the market, there was no turning back and the rest as they say is history since the whiteboards have come a long way from being a costly merchandise with melamine surface to ceramic steel dry erase surface that is magnetic that is the best excellent board available on the market. The white planks, over a period of time Also Have gotten affordable and are common even in hospitals apart from schools, universities and offices

The whiteboards offered on the market can be discerned depending on the different surfaces used on these boards and there are four popular selections offered on the market, namely melamine, painted aluminum or steel, hardcoat laminate and porcelain enamel on steel.


These boards can be found in various qualities, with some of them keeping the residue of the erased marking leading to a phenomenon that is called as ghosting and others that do not exhibit the ghosting occurrence for a longer duration. The melamine board is among the least expensive types of whiteboards available in the market and is usually utilized in a number of non industrial uses.

Painted steel or aluminum

The next type of whiteboard that is offered in the market is the painted steel or aluminum board. Since the surface is painted, the surface is more straightforward and is also easy to erase. The surface on the stained steel or aluminum whiteboard has distinct layers of coatings. The base coat is usually white in colour and another coating which is the dry erase component, is referred to as the very clear performance coating. A number of those top quality painted aluminum or steel whiteboards have exceptional dry erase properties with some of the best quality boards allowing the consumer to even clear content that’s been composed using permanent markers. However since the surface is coated, extreme caution and care needs to be taken when using the board and keeping up it, since it is likely to get scratches easily. While the painted steel surface is magnetic in nature, the painted aluminum coating is quite pricey in addition to these surfaces are non magnetic in nature and are quite seldom used. Normally the painted steel or aluminum whiteboards are used as patient information boards, training boards, or perhaps monitoring boards.