Google Search Engine Optimization

According to the latest 2009 statistics generated from the StatCounter, a real-time comprehensive web data generator, roughly over 90 percent of internet users in Asia and the whole world use Google as their primary search engine followed by Yahoo and MSN. This crawler-based research engine provides both comprehensive coverage of the web together with great relevancy and significance.

Given that Google is the search engine with the vast majority of the net users market share, it is better that one’s site is optimized primarily to Google rank and standards. In case the web site follows Google SEO, most probably it is optimized for other search engines because some only mirror Google search results.

This has made businesses and website owners become conscious of the Google page ranking. But with Google’s undisclosed and changing Google ranking strategy and algorithm, it is almost impossible to have a fixed or one-time website optimization. At some point, everybody thought that they have developed and produce the perfect Google SEO program but as they advance, therefore did Google. SEO specialists and professionals are in constant research and trial-and-error methods to take a grasp of the way to optimize and preserve their site and improve their own Google page rank.

Google’s SEO algorithm has been on constant improvement. One’s website may have a high Google ranking now although not tomorrow. Google’s constant algorithm and policy changes have attracted web developers in query. Before, an individual can alter several details of their website and keep their Google ranking, but due to changes in algorithm, an individual can no more alter the background color or edit the structure of this site for it may drop from its own Google ranking. There are also instances when what was considered to be white-hat SEO techniques afterward, are banned and considered black-hat from Google.

Several web advertising professionals, that claim to have broken the secret of the Google algorithm, have develop Google ranking applications that may push one’s website in Google rank and boost its Google page rank.