Why I'M Betting On "We The People"

Why the person we Must re-elect is “We The People”

It is the day after the election we’ve resolved, and the votes have been counted. This morning I knew somebody could be elected president people would be mad that their candidate didn’t win and that matters would finally quiet down a bit. Now there will not be 1,000 political advertisements on television attempting to influence my opinion, and there won’t be politicians walking the roads, only a lot of rhetoric on what occurred and why, and hopefully in a few days even that will calm down.

One thing that won’t change though is that, today someone won’t have food, someone will probably be displaced, there’ll be children which aren’t secure, New Jersersians and New Yorkers will still be attempting to recover from Sandy, colleges will still have problems, there’ll still be violence on our streets, and there will still be people that will be underemployed and unemployed.

The bottom line is when we the people do not show up the day after the election we’re in big trouble. It’s us who can definitely change our nation around - great old “We The People”, we can make the biggest impact in our communities our schools, and our households. When there is a disaster in a city, it is “we the people” who can stand side by side with our neighbors and friends to make a huge difference. mam vsazeno donate food, and money to let strangers and friends alike know that someone cares, and they aren’t alone. It’s city watch and citizens that care, who work together with the police and governments, to make our neighborhoods safe. It is the small, medium and big business owners having the capability to hire people. We can lobby and telephone our politicians when we do not agree with what they are saying. We can work together with our politicians, to change the policies that don’t work, and those we don’t like. It may be hard, but it can be done. We can come together to get what we want, we can go to our politicians in amounts and also ask them to help us draft invoices (right now 11,970 bills and resolutions are now before Congress) that talk to the requirements in our communities and our countries, but it will take “We the People”.

Now I hope we wake up and put our thinking caps on, not to talk about the problems, but instead to work on solving these. Where do we have expertise, where do we serve, how can we help? If every member of “We the People” asks themselves those questions today and searching for ways to come along for the good of everybody, what an amazing and awesome future we’ll be confronting. It’s the sacrifices and hard work of “we the people” who is really going to make America what it has to be.